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I love today’s post from Seth Godin about Organizing the Unorganized.  Considering I seem to be locked into a world of figuring out how to organize so many things in my life right about now, I thought I’d share (even if he isn’t about organizing the office).

I can’t help but agree…it’s all about being the expert and sharing your knowledge, creating value for others and just being useful.

Organizing the Unorganized

There may be no bigger opportunity online for bootstrappers than finding people who would benefit from being connected and then connecting them.

Not so they can waste time sending digital love notes back and forth, but so they (and you) can create value for others.

Build a network of experts and make it available for hire.

Build a network of researchers and generate information useful to others.

Build a network of leaders and represent them to advertisers, marketers or recruiters.

Getting people and organizations in sync is the project of our times.

COMDEX was the largest trade show in the world for years, and it generated millions in profits as well as billions in value to the attendees. What happens if you do that in the small? But more efficiently…

What are you doing to organize the unorganized?  How are you getting your knowledge out there?  How are you serving others?

If you answer “uhhhhhh,” or “I don’t know” then let’s create a strategy.  Email me and together we can come up with a plan.

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